CLS Solar Services

CLS Solar Services is a Bulgarian based company which starts its activities in Blagoevgrad primarily in the field of the construction of solar energy systems for power generation.
Over the past six years, the company has established itself as a reliable and stable partner. Today we have  built over 60 power plants with total installed capacity of over 1.1 GW which places us firmly in the international green energy market.


The company has more than 200 skilled professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. Whith their help we created a company with clear goals, an open mission and a high standard of quality and control.

Our experience includes a wide range of locations – from urban environments to hard-to-reach areas in more than 20 countries around the world.
Our greatest benefit is the pursuit of long-term relationship with our partners. Therefore we create and maintain a sustainable working environment with the ability to offer turn-key solutions in the process of erecting the photovoltaic power plants easily and in prompt manner.


Well, one of the most beneficial factors of getting solar modules is that it would help you to save a whole lot of money. When compared to the traditional energy bills, the cost of solar power is considerably less. This means, with a solar systems installed, you can look forward to very low energy bills.


When you focusing on green energy it is smart to choose a safe way to build your source. We are a well-established company with vast experience which works with high quality materials and professionals in the industry. We offer the possibility to launch direct power generation projects. For large consumers we recommend dedicated production either as a common tool or as a long term consumer contact.


Fossil fuels create a lot of pollutants. If you ever been to one of the largest cities or anyplace whose geography consist of mountains and valleys, you have seen what dirty air looks like. This smog and also dirty air are prerequisites for a polluted environment. This is bad for our health and for aesthetics. Solar energy helps get rid of contamination.


Our company owns a wide range of tools, cars, ramming machines, rigs, bobcats and all kind of technique. This is very decisive on a construction level and helps a lot for saving time, working professionally and not prolonging the build process.


The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. 

The adoption of solar energy is one way to achieve energy independence, on both a national and an individual level. The more domestic solar energy we use as a country, the less we will need to rely on foreign imports of carbon-based fossil fuels, contributing to greater economic, political, and environmental stability. On an individual level, when a business owner or homeowner decides to go solar, they take energy generation into their own hands becoming their own power provider. This not only reduces costs, it provides electricity security to a business, and contributes to a greener environment


  Solar energy is a safe investment for many because there is limited risk involved because:

  • Solar energy reduces your electricity costs.
  • The sun will continue to shine
  • Solar Power has been tried and tested
  • Equipment is backed by strong manufacturer warranties
  • Workmanship and production are backed by solar installers
  • Solar has shorter paybacks and higher recovery oriented integrated system

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Договор № BG16RFOP002-2.077-1924-C01


Обща стойност: 150 000.00 лв., от които 127 500.00 лв. европейско и 22 500.00 лв. национално съфинансиране.

Начало: 25.01.2021 г.
Край: 25.04.2021 г.